About Us

We are an agri- energy social enterprise. We take a multi-product approach to solving the East African coconut production predicament through grass roots development. efficient processing, fit-for-purpose technology and investment in the region. Our name stems from the word “Kisiwa” which means “Island” in Swahili.
Partnering for change

Quality Coconut Products,
Less waste & More Renewable Energy.

Globally, the demand for coconut products is on the rise. East Africa can help fill this gap if key challenges can be overcome. In Tanzania about 300 000 families are directly dependent on the crop in the eastern coastal region. Still there is limited beneficiation and local value add in this area mainly due to lack of knowledge, capital and expertise. Another fundamental blockage to utilising the fruit and trees for producing higher value products is the availability of stable and reliable electricity. Energidrop, a South African based renewable energy developer and engineering firm, has collaborated with stakeholders in Tanzania to establish Kisiwa Farming Limited on Mafia Island, just off the east coast of Tanzania. Plantations of coconut groves requires constant care and maintenance and with reduced yields from poor soils, ageing stock and pests, many local small holdings are no longer economically viable. Kisiwa Farming has secured more than 2700 Ha of plantations that form part of its rejuvenation process. This also provides the security of feedstock to produce coconut products and renewable energy for the greater island mini-grid.


A world where Kisiwa Farming Limited revolutionises the value creation from marginal, depleted and neglected plantations to ensure optimal multicrop operations and maximum local beneficiation. Underpinned by modular combined heat and power integration that catapults developing countries forwards in an inclusive manner.
For every Litre of coconut oil, more than 10 kg of residues are generated. By converting these residues into additional products and the final residues into energy, we are able to make the most of each bit of produce will ensuring char ash nutrients return to the plantation with fortified organic nutrients to close the loop.

Our Mission

Farming has been the unsung hero of many economies. The creation of products to create substantial local value is essential for governments, citizens and businesses alike. We are completely committed to operate in cooperation with our community to find the much-needed balance between profit, environment and social responsibility.
Our experience has taught us that by implementing an audacious goal in smaller chunk sized steps, one can successfully grow something meaningful and sustainable. This approach enables a close cooperation with all involved and exposes the company to a lower degree of risk.

By The Numbers

> 0
People Employed
> 1000
Virgin Coconut Oil production
> 800
seedlings and replanted trees from onsite nursery

The Kisiwa Team

Darius Boshoff

Passionate businessman driven to make an impact and to build motivated teams. Long history of developing and implementing renewable energy systems. He holds a chemical engineering degree and MBA from Monash University.

Samwel Bongi

All round level headed leader of the pack. Well known socialite on Mafia and multilingual manager with a long history with Mafia Island. Fluent in Swahili and English, he has a degree in agriculture.

Liezel Boshoff

Loving partner and co-investor. Marketing and logistics coordinator for the various challenges to get supplies to Mafia. She holds a degree in nutrition and a PhD in tourism.

Lilian Kasigu

Sales Partner

Geofrey Kakamba

Electrical Technician and power plant manager

Albert Dilly

Maintenance manager