Our Produce

We produce a variety of coconut byproducts like virgin coconut oil, coconut timber and coconut charcoal.

Coconut Products. Sustainably Produced.

Mature coconuts of 5-10 units are produced every 2 months by each productive tree. Not many trees are still productive on the plantations and while the new stock grows in the next 8 years to maturity to produce nuts, the marginal nut production will be harvested using contractors. Contractors ensure that the trees are kept clean from weeds and ward of pests and vermin. Special Contractors called “Mkwezi” climb the trees when harvesting time arises. This is a major feat as some trees are up to 30 m tall (hence the name East African Tall variety).

Certified Virgin Oil

Certified by TBS

Fair Trade

With Local Labour and Farmers

Renewable Energy

Wood chips are converted to energy


Virgin Coconut Oil

We supply organic cold-pressed coconut oil to the Southern African market. It seeks to expand to markets abroad under the ECOCERT organic certification according to National Organic Programme (NOP) and Ecocert Organic Standard (EOS) for the US and European markets respectively.


Coconut Timber

Most of the Mafia Island plantations are in a rejuvenation phase which means
that old trees are removed, and new ones planted. In doing so our sawmill
facility is used to prepare Coconut wood planks. We have implemented age
old best practices for ensuring that we create a high-quality product for use in
flooring, furniture, decking and cladding


Coconut Charcoal

Coconut charcoal is very versatile product due to its porous structure and unique absorbing properties. It is made at high temperature from the coconut shell remains. After cooled, crushed and reformed it can be used for a variety of purposes that involve absorption of pollutants to actually being a high density fuel.
“Mafia Island is a special place. Friendly people and simple living make being part of the community here a pleasure and an honour. Since setting foot here for the first time in 2010, I have come to appreciate the inherent local values and potential that needs careful and collaborative enabling for sustained growth for a better planet. We have implemented the first phase of our investment through out 2020 even in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic and believe that our business has been hardened as a robust vehicle for change in the agri-energy space in East Africa. We hope to replicate our success here in the coming years and look forward to an astronomical positive impact and a legacy to be proud of.”
Darius Boshoff
Managing Director & Co-founder