Creating A Cycle of Sustainability

Tucked away on the remote island of Mafia, off the east coast of Tanzania, Kisiwa Farming Limited is making waves. Here farming meets with engineering, resulting in something wonderful.

Our Produce

Kisiwa Farming Limited manages over 2700 hectares of plantations in various degrees of rehabilitation. Needless to say, we are nuts about coconuts! The coconut palm and fruit are exceedingly versatile with every part potentially convertible into a product. Currently we manufacture, virgin coconut oil, coconut timber, coconut charcoal briquettes, and cocopeat.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Timber

Other Coconut Products

Our Story

A Strong Heritage and Bright Future

We are proud of our Tanzanian roots and excited about a very bright future that will benefit the entire island. 

Green Energy

Biomass energy supply for the entire island.

Licensed Exporter

We export globally.

Certified virgin Oil

Certified by TBS and more.

Our Environment

Circular Solutions
Sustainable Future

Farming has gotten a lot of bad press over the years due to the impact it is having on our natural world and water sources. Nonetheless it is arguably the most essential building block to our heavily industrialised lifestyles. A new wave of developing is challenging this notion and includes fit fur purpose technology that brings together nutrient management, crop management, local production and energy recovery. Our process does the following:
Our Story

What People Say
About Us

I used coconut oil from Kisiwa farming for the first time when I visited Mafia island and I loved it! Being a Dar-es-salaam native I have occasionally used coconut oil from other local producers but nothing beats coconut oil from Kisiwa farming. It is a great moisturizer, smells and feels great! I use it too on my six months old little girl Zahari; I would definitely recommend it for the whole family.
Nancy Massengo
Me and my husband manage a lodge on the pristine Mafia Island. We recommend Kisiwa Farming’s coconut oil to all our guests and use it in our Spa where guests are treated to relaxing spa treatments using this very same oil. It is of the highest quality and straight from the source.
Iris Tosini
Coconut oil is my special kitchen ingredient. I love the Kisiwa Farming brand and always buy from them. It is conveniently available in Dar Es Salaam. Larger orders allow me to supply friends and family too.
Margaret Suzanne